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Fuel and Induction System Cleaning

In normal vehicle operation, varnish, carbon deposits and corrosion build up and restrict the flow of gasoline and air to the vehicle engine just when it needs it most, during start up and acceleration. This process is common in all vehicles and fuels. This is often why performance and fuel economy deteriorate as vehicles get older. If left unchecked, these deposits can lead to more serious problems and costly repairs. This problem is a common cause of drivability complaints.

After performing the Auto Solutions Fuel System Optimizer a significant increase in power and performance will be noticed. Emissions will go down and gas mileage will improve. The service is performed in two steps. First V99 is added to the fuel tank. This begins the cleaning process by removing deposits and eliminating exhaust odors. Second, the air intake induction system and combustion areas are cleaned with Optimizer. Power robbing deposits are removed and the system is restored to optimum operating condition.